Saturday 24 September 2011

Sweet Apple Pips – Where The Apples Bite Back!

A few days ago I received an email that said “we are launching a new sweet for Halloween that’s both apple and spicy…interested?” Well with a statement like and considering my blog name, I was intrigued and so wrote back “tell me more!”

It turns out that A Quarter Of, an online sweetshop selling old fashioned sweets has created a new fun flavour of fruit pips – apple pips to be more precise. Does anyone else remember those from their childhood?! Little multicoloured and flavoured chips/pips of fruity sugar drops. My sister and I used to love them.

These new apple pips sound sweet and simple enough, but mixed in amongst the batch are a selection of chilli flavoured pips that look almost identical to the normal ones! The idea is you take one not knowing if you’re in for a sweet treat of a fiery trick. The slogan stamped on the lid of the box I was sent summed it up perfectly ‘Apple Bobbing Where The Apples Bite Back!’ I laughed so much when I read that.

I first tried an apple pip which was sweet with a fresh green apple flavour. I then hunted out a faintly suspicious looking chilli pip and sucked it cautiously. At first I couldn’t taste much but after a few seconds a gentle heat started to spread across the tip of my tongue which developed into a chilli heat with quite a kick, bringing a big grin to my face.

You could have so much fun with these, sharing them around with friends in the run up to Halloween. Dare your friends and family to take one and find out if they’re in for a Trick or a Sweet!


Caroline said...

They sound fun! I used to love pear drops, I guess they're a similar kind of flavour.

Chele said...

These little sweets are new to me but they sound like great fun! I have to admit your post title totally sucked me in too, I would defo get some of these for a trick or treating ;0)

The Caked Crusader said...

What a great idea - I used to love fruit pips when I was younger.
I love the "russian roulette" element - I always thought boiled sweets needed some more excitement!!!

Cakefairyblog said...

Haha they sound amazing, Also love the slogan.

What happened the fruit pips, they were yummy!

Unknown said...

These are awesome... I was in Hawaii recently and picked up Pineapple candy sort of like the Apple Pips. But the Pineapple had specks of red chilli pepper flakes embedded in them. Sweet and Spicy treats..they can be very addictive:)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh so true! What a fun idea to do these for Halloween! :D

Lady Chutney said...

You have just taken me back to my childhood (which is a fairly long way to go). I used to buy a bag of them each week with my pocket money, only we called them 'Tom Thumb Drops' where I came from. Happy Days.

Knox Karter said...

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