Sunday 18 September 2011

Film Cupcakes for a Friend

Yesterday was a day of mixed feelings. One of best and closest friends is moving to LA in a matter of days to study film at the LA Film School! I am terribly excited and happy for her as this is something she has dreamed about doing for years. But I am also feeling sad as it will mean we won’t get to see each other for a year or more. We have always been quite an unlikely paring, thrown together at school at the age of nine and have been firm friends ever since.

She’s the kind of friend you can phone when feeling down with the knowledge that 10 minutes later you will probably be smiling. The kind of friend you arrange to meet, simply to go for a walk on a nice day, or who invites me round to watch her latest DVD purchase. She’s loyal, supportive and I’m going to miss her. On the plus side it gives me the perfect excuse to plan a visit to America and I’m sure after a few weeks there she will be able to show me around like a native. Her new address even includes ‘Hollywood’ how incredible is that!

Yesterday was her farewell party with all her friends and family. Everyone was encouraged to bring something to share, and as this week has been National Cupcake Week, I decided to bake some cupcakes.
I kept it simple with a vanilla sponge with a mix of either vanilla or chocolate icing with the hope that this would please everyone (I also made a few gluten free ones). I then made black and gold fondant stars for the decoration, which I embossed with her initials and finished with a little edible glitter to add some LA sparkle. Good luck J, I’m sure you’ll get on famously!


Chele said...

Good luck indeed, how exciting for her. I can empathise with how you must be feeling though, as my best friend is back in Oz and there is nothing can beat a face to face catch up and chin wag, but a visit to the States sounds like loads of fun too. Love the cupcakes Katie, really profesh and the little stars finished them perfectly.

Caroline said...

They look gorgeous, what a lovely way to say 'Bon Voyage' to your friend.

I hope you get to visit her, after all, why else have jet setting friends ;-)

Choclette said...

Call that keeping it simple, they look fantastic and I have no idea how you did that amazing piping. Sounds like you have a trip to Hollywood to look forward to.

the caked crusader said...

Beautiful piping - what tip did you use for that?