Sunday 28 June 2015

Don’t miss the Allergy & Free From Show London Olympia & GF Food Fair for the diary

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday (3rd-5th July) is the Allergy & Free From show in London. A fantastic 3 day event that is the gluten free highlight of my year! I always look forward to it. There is something so unique and special about being able to attend a food show – and a massive one at that – walking into the room, seeing rows upon rows of delicious food, inhaling the aromas of freshly baking pizzas and simmering pots of curries and knowing you can EAT IT ALL!!! It’s a truly wonderful feeling and one that unless you’ve ever had to follow a restricted diet, I don’t think you can truly appreciate what a rare and extraordinary experience this is.

I always get ridiculously over excited and eat far too many samples, but have the most wonderful day. I always used to love going to food shows, but when I was diagnosed coeliac I had to stop attending as being faced with so much gourmet food I could no longer eat made me depressed. Not the case with the Allergy and Free From Show!!

You get to see and sample all the best gluten free foods available on the market, learn about new products, any newly launched companies and buy foods from small independent producers who aren’t readily available in the shops. It’s a gluten free delight!  My advice is take a big rucksack with you and be prepared for crowds. Last year they had 29,652 visitors over the 3 days… yes 29,000.
(Other allergies also catered for too and I should mention that there is the occasional stall that is dairy free/egg free but not gluten free. However, I should think 98% of the food on offer is gluten free)

It’s held in London Olympia – the big event theatre and it’s absolutely packed with stalls as far as the eye can see. You want to know the best part – they give most of the ticket away for free! Click here to get some yourself and learn more about the event.
Who’s excited?! – Me, me me!

GF Food Fair
One of my friends from Bedford also wanted me to let you know about the Home Counties Gluten Free Food Fair that is happening on Saturday 5th of September in Biggleswade. Mark it in your diary. It’s obviously on a smaller scale than the Olympia one, but some of the top brands attend along with some local businesses. A great event if you are in the area and all gluten free!

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The Caked Crusader said...

I can imagine how great it is for people who normally have to be so careful to know they can try everything!