Tuesday 16 July 2013

Life, Lunch & Friends

Sorry for the long absence. The week before last I was unwell and not up to eating anything, let alone cooking. I then made one of those big life changing decisions, and foolishly made the wrong one, and went off down the wrong track. It’s been a very stressful and emotional week trying to set it right again and I dearly hope things are now back on the right path. To be honest I’d love to scrap the last few days from existence, but I have learnt things too, such as don’t make important when you have been ill and are not thinking straight!

In order to offer some support and take my mind of things one of my best friends from ‘back home’ came to Sheffield to visit me over the weekend. I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so it was lovely to see her again and do normal things like go out to lunch and catch up on her news.

As Saturday seemed to be one of the hottest days in Sheffield, we didn’t want anything too heavy or more importantly cooked for lunch and so instead decided to visit Fusion Organic Café which is located down a side street (Arundel Street) near Sheffield Hallam Uni.

This is a great little café where they make all their own salads, quiches and soups fresh on site daily. The menu is always changing to accommodate what’s in season or what they fancy making – my kind of place. We each opted for the salad bowl which was a choice of 3 of their 5 salads of the day. I went for a bigger portion of just 2 salads, the chickpea and cabbage salad which was in a light dressing and then also the smoked paprika quinoa salad which had a delicious smoky heat to it.

My friend chose the Moroccan cous cous salad, the quinoa salad and a broccoli noodle salad. We both agreed everything was delicious and very generous portions considering we got all that for £3.80 each! I’d defiantly recommend it. They always have a range of gluten free or vegan options too. It’s a little hidden, but well worth the hunt out. (They are now open Saturdays too)

As the day was so swelteringly hot we decided to cool down with a pot of frozen yoghurt from a shop on Pinstone Street called Flurt. They had a choice of 3 flavours on the day, natural, chocolate or raspberry. We both went for raspberry. Our medium tubs were £2.80 and each topping was 30p extra. They had lots of toppings to choose from but couldn’t guarantee any of them were gluten free as they were all kept in the same unit, so I had mine plain while my friend chose white chocolate and strawberries for hers.

I was slightly disappointed at the lack of flavour options, as their website lists many more. Still the raspberry flavour was very fruity and refreshing, although I found it a little icier than previous frozen yogurts I’ve tasted. I also thought they were a bit stingy with the portion size considering my pot cost £2.80 and actually turned out to be swirled around the edge of the pot and the middle was hollow. We’d wandered off into the city before I discovered this but it left me feeling a bit cheated. It was very refreshing but I’m not sure I’d buy one again. Still, I may just have been unlucky.

It was a lovely way to spend a sunny day, especially when I had the company of one of my best friends. Long may the sunny weather continue!


Johanna GGG said...

Glad that you enjoyed a hot day with a friend a good food (even if the yoghurt wasn't quite up to scratch) - sounds like just what you needed - good luck with getting everything sorted out

Gluten Free Alchemist said...

Sorry to hear you've been through it Katie. Friends and food are always good therapy and at least the weather's holding!