Monday 10 December 2012

Office Christmas Meal at Silversmiths in Sheffield

Last Friday was our office Christmas meal. After work I dashed home for a super fast change and then met up with the rest of the team at Silversmiths in Sheffield. I have heard lots of good thing about this restaurant so was really looking forward to trying the food. It’s a modern yet quite small restaurant, which gave it a cozy and intimate feel.

We got to see the Christmas menu ahead of time so that we could place our orders. Being vegetarian often means I am lucky to get a single option on most set menus, so being both coeliac and vegetarian I thought was going to be a challenge. I was delighted to discover that Silversmiths can cater for both! I even got two choices from the mains menu – that were both vegetarian and gluten free without any adaption – I’ve NEVER had that choice before.

The food sounded amazing and not a boring mushroom risotto in sight! Here is what I had to eat on the night.

Starter: Cumin-Spiced Parsnip Soup topped with carrot crisps and “Sheffield honey” glazed toasted seeds. This was fabulous! Silky smooth, slightly sweet and delicately spiced. I loved the thin shreds of roasted carrot chips on top. They were packed with flavour and went deliciously chewy after sitting on the soup for a while. The perfect starter on a cold winter evening.

Main: Kings Cake: An Old English casserole of thyme, sage crisps, sautéed winter mushrooms, gold leaf infused oil. This was not quite what I expected. When I heard ‘casserole’ it makes me think more of a stew but this was a thick creamy mixture of beans, sweetcorn and mushrooms. Topped with crunchy sage leaves and onions. It was very tasty and I liked the different tastes and textures from the earthy mushrooms to the crisp sweetcorn. It was served with sprouts, carrots and roasted parsnips for the table.

Dessert: Mulled wine poached pear with candied orange ice cream. I didn't fancy the ice cream as I’m not a fan of candied fruits. I asked ahead of time if I could swop it for the chocolate cream that came with a Christmas Yule log. When it arrived it looked like a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream, but when I stuck my spoon in it turned out to be a giant golf ball sized scoop of chocolate ganache! It was like eating a huge truffle. Delicious dark chocolate, but so rich I couldn’t quite eat it all.

It was a fantastic meal. All the food was delicious and I didn’t see anyone with anything left on their plates at the end of the evening. I loved how the food was more unique and exciting than the usual Christmas or group meal offerings. It’s food for food lovers. Click here to see their full Christmas menu. It will probably disappear after Christmas though.

I was very impressed and would definitely go back. Another point I saw on their website, is that 100% of their food suppliers are Yorkshire based and 60% are Sheffield based. They also change their menus regularly to accommodate what’s in season and available locally. Extra brownie points, and it goes to show it can be done, and be done well!

Note: The restaurant did not know I am a food blogger, nor that I intended to write a review of my meal. I simply went to my office Christmas meal and enjoyed the food so much I thought I’d share it with you.

111 Arundel Street
S1 2NT


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The Caked Crusader said...

ALways nice to get a good restaurant for a christmas lunch - so often, they can be disappointing.

Caroline said...

That really does sound like a good Christmas meal - it's so rare to be offered a choice as a vegetarian so to have a GF choice as well is great. I'll definitely bear this one in mind if I'm Sheffield way.

Brighton Restaurants said...

Good & delicious menu. The creamy texture of the soup looks absolutely delicious. Being savory, the Kings Cake recipe appealed the most. Nice share !

Komal said...

that pudding looks amazing! Great blog, really enjoy reading it :)