Sunday 27 May 2012

Red, White & Blue Crisps!

With the Queens Jubilee only a matter of days away the country seems in full patriotic swing. Posters and food packaging is being adored with the English flag and people are organising street parties up and down the country. I myself intend to try and bake something along the red, white and blue theme, ideas are being formed…

On a recent shopping excursion I spotted some new patriotic crisps from Tyrrells. They have gone one step further by making not only their packaging, red, white and blue, but also the crisps inside!!

Fear not – they have not dyed their crisps – but used naturally red, white and blue varieties of English potatoes in order to create some iconic and eye catching crisps! How cool is that!!

The English varieties used are Highland Burgundy Red, White Lady Claire and Salad Blue. There are also a few beetroot crisps snuck in for extra an extra red boost. I’m sure the queen would highly approve!

I found the crisps to be quite thickly cut which gave them a wonderful crunch and meant you could actually taste the difference between the different potato varieties. The beetroot ones were also deliciously sweet.

They are only lightly flavoured with sea salt, so are bound to suit everyone’s tastes. I’m going to buy another bag for the family gathering next weekend, I can imagine them looking great on the table amongst all the other food. Found in Waitrose, but also from Selfridges, Harvey Nichols or Fortnum & Masons if you happen to be in London.


Suelle said...

At last I've seen something foodie and patriotic that I'd be prepared to spend money on! Thanks for pointing them out!

Choclette said...

Oh I do like the fact they've used blue and red potatoes to make their crisps - great idea.

The Caked Crusader said...

I adore tyrells crisps so will have to look out for these

Annie said...

What is the labelling on these? I looked at some Tyrell's the other day and whilst they had no gluten containing ingredients, they did have the "made in the same factory" warning on them?

So hard finding totally safe, decent crisps these days!

Katie said...

They say 'made in factory using wheat ingredients' but then underneath they claim to be 'GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN' so maybe they are made in a seperate part of the factory?

I'm very sensetive but have been fine with these - I agree its so confusing!