Thursday 31 March 2011

Ginger Cake & Other Tasty Gluten Free Finds

I’m not usually one to go out and buy cakes, preferring to make them myself, but every so often it’s nice to let someone else do the work and buy something tasty for afternoon tea. Since starting my gluten free diet, this has been less of an option for me. Grated there are now quite a few gluten free products around, but none that I’ve been particularly impressed with.

However, all that changed on a recent visit to Waitrose. I was browsing down the bread isle, tormenting myself with all their gorgeous fresh breads (I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help but look) and when I’d come to the end I turned a corner and found myself in their gluten free section. Amongst the products was a ginger cake by The Village Bakery. This is a brand I instantly recognised as I used to love their rye breads. I had no idea they did gluten free things too, but seeing the name I decided to give the ginger cake a try and I have to say I was very impressed.

The cake comes in a stylish card tray which instantly made me feel like it was an artisan product I might have bought from a market stall or posh bakery. Another plus was the cake actually looked as good as the picture on the box. Cutting into it, I found it had a lovely thick sugary top crust, and was moist and fluffy underneath. I adore the flavour of ginger and so was pleased to see the slice speckled with pieces of real ginger, which added a great warming spiciness when bitten into.

I was also impressed that the cake was quite moist and didn’t crumble on touch, but was able to be cut into generous slices. It was also nice to see something a bit different to the usual gluten free cake options, which usually revolve around chocolate, under the basis that chocolate makes anything taste good (not true!) So if your short of time or need a cake for a gluten free friend then I recommend giving the ginger cake a try. It’s sold only in Waitrose as far as I can tell.

Other gluten free finds which get the thumbs up from me are:
Eat Naturals Gluten Free Toasted Muesli with Buckwheat – gorgeously crisp and crunchy with a dash of cinnamon, coconut and seeds and no oats – hurrah!

Thai Sweet n Spicy Organic Tortilla Chips with Flaxseeds – these really pack a chilli hit, but are also a little sweet and tangy. Great crunch and the flax makes you think their healthy.

Munchy Seeds – pots of mixed seeds with different flavours or coatings. These are addictive and so easy to munch on. I love the chilli ones for their spicy kick, but the sweet vanilla pumpkin seeds are amazing and so unique.

Does anyone else have any new tasty foodie finds?

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Maggie B. said...

That Ginger Cake looks so yummy. Wonder if they have them state side?