Friday 25 February 2011

Total Greek Yoghurt Split Pots: A Review

I have said many times that I love yoghurt so when I was recently asked if I would like to trial some of Total’s new Greek yoghurt pots the answer was of course ‘yes please!’

Total are well known for their thick natural Greek yoghurt pots that come in whole milk, 0% and 2% fat varieties. Their new split pots are based on the increasingly popular fruit and yoghurt portion pots idea, teaming their 0% Greek yoghurt with a choice of three fruit compotes (blueberry, strawberry & tropical fruits) or runny honey.

Upon receiving my samples I was instantly drawn to the blueberry one. I don’t know what it is about blueberries that always attract me to them, maybe their unique dark moody purple colour, either way this was the first one for the taste test. The yoghurt was thick, smooth and very creamy, not something you might associate with a fat free yoghurt, which can be rather thin and watery. Not so with this yoghurt, it almost had the consistency of lightly whipped cream and tasted very clean and fresh. Checking the ingredients list I was pleased to see that it contained skimmed milk and a live yoghurt culture. Nothing else. No added stabilisers, thickeners, sweeteners or sugar. Just simple straightforward yoghurt.

The blueberry compote was glossy and a fabulous purple colour. On first inspection it looked smooth, but it was scattered with tiny whole dried blueberries which really enhanced and boosted the blueberry flavour. I found the compote a little sweet on its own but paired with the unsweetened yoghurt they balanced each other perfectly.

The strawberry version smelt amazing also contained small slices of real strawberry which is always good to see. I thought the compote was just a bit too jam-like for me though. This was fine when eating the yoghurt as a dessert, but a bit too much for breakfast. The tropical fruits pot was the black horse of the bunch. I put off trying it for a while as it contained kiwi which I don’t like and am slightly allergic to if eaten raw. However, when I did taste it I was amazed at how fruity and…for want of a better word, ‘tropical’ it was. It wasn’t sour of sharp and tasted strongly of passion fruit – delicious! There were little black seeds from the kiwi speckled throughout mixed with chewy pieces of papaya. This made it look very attractive and tasted great with the thick yoghurt.

Greek yoghurt and honey are a classic combination and when eating this pot I could see why. The sticky, sweet, golden honey was the perfect contrast to the thick Greek yoghurt. The flavour of the honey wafted up my nose the minute I peeled back and lid and intensified its flavour when I took a spoonful.

In summary all the split pots were delicious, with the blueberry and honey varieties being my favourites. I thought the fruit compotes were a little on the sweet side, but I absolutely loved that the Greek yoghurt was so lusciously thick, creamy and unsweetened. Too many companies seem to think they have to throw tons of sugar at yoghurts in order to get people to eat them. I for one am saying ‘no’ I love the natural, milky, ever so slightly sour taste of yoghurt and I applaud Total for not falling into this trap. This also makes them perfect for breakfast – on their own or added to your morning cereal or porridge, whilst still being indulgent enough to be enjoyed as a mid afternoon snack or dessert. Plus, they’re fat free! I even spooned some of mine onto some plain cake instead of cream, not quite so naughty, but oh so nice.


Unknown said...

I love yogurt and I'm getting more into the greek yogurts after a bad expirience with one a year ago. But I do love the Fage Honey yogurt. But instead of dipping a spoonfull of yogurt into the (for lack of a better word) flavor bucket, I just spoon how much I think is necessary and then I mix it in until it is all incorporated :) As I said before greek yogurt is amazing :)

The Caked Crusader said...

Yum - can't go wrong with fruity yog!

Jory said...

It looks Delicious, hope my wife prepare it for my breakfast.
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