Thursday 5 November 2009

Good Things Come In Unexpected Packages

Today I received a wonderful surprise. When the postman knocked on the door and handed over a parcel that was addressed to me I was intrigued as I hadn’t ordered anything. I was even more intrigued when I saw it came from Mexico!

To my excitement, I soon discovered it was from the lovely Monica at Lick The Bowl Good. I had commented on her blog a few weeks back that I was unable to find proper American Candy Corn sweets and being the lovely person that she is, she sent me some, along with some other Halloween themed goodies for me to try! How thoughtful is that! I’m particularly excited by the caramel apple flavoured Candy Corns – how did she guess I loved all things apple-y?

Thank you so much Monica, I’m really touched. You’ve brightened my day.


Simones Kitchen said...

What a fantastic package to receive!! And how thoughtful of Monica to send this to you.. :)

Monica H said...

Oh you're welcome. I hope you enjoy them!

From mexico? really? That's really odd. I never thught it would go through Mexico before it got to you?!