Sunday 12 August 2007

Creative Tagging

Gigi from Gigi Cakes has tagged me for a Creative Tag. This involves writing 8 of your fellow bloggers names in a creative way. The first name has to be the name of the person who tagged you and then 7 others. The aim is to use a background picture of something that you find amazing in the world. Be as creative as you like.

Below is a little information about honey and honey bees from The Honey Association. Hopefully you will see why I find them so amazing.

Honeybees are the most important producers of honey. They gather nectar from flowers and plants and carry it to their hive where other worker bees then take over. They add enzymes, any water evaporates away and this, together with the action of the enzyme, turns the nectar into honey.

Honey has long been recognized as a natural medicine for thousands of years. It has antiseptic properties and can be used as a remedy for sore throats, burns and cuts.

Honey is one of the oldest foods in existence. It was found in the tomb of King Tut and amazingly was still edible. Honey is the only known food that never spoils. There is no need to refrigerate it, even once opened. It can be stored in a dry cupboard indefinitely, although, If moisture gets into the jar it can start to crystalise.
Honey has different flavours and colours, depending on the location of the hive and kinds of flowers the bees visit.
One honeybee visits between 50 - 100 flowers during one collection flight from the hive. Despite this, an average worker bee makes only about 1½ teaspoons of honey in its lifetime!

Honey is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts water, so it is good for baking cakes as it keeps them moister for longer (always a bonus).

The Creative Tags

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Gigi said...

Awesome tag! Great info on the bees.

Anonymous said...

Very cute drawing! Thank you for the Tag! Love honey too. In New Zealand, finding honey and trying it was heaven