Saturday 16 June 2007

Avocado Open Sandwich

This is a really quick, simple yet tasty sandwich. For years I avoided eating avocados, not liking their soft soapy taste, however, recently in an effort to make them more palatable, I added some sweet chili sauce and coriander to some mashed avocado and spread it on some bread. I was amazed at what a difference it made to the taste. No longer was it bland and soapy, it had been transformed into a creamy, rich flavoursome paste with a nice subtle heat from the chili sauce. Still, finding the avocado on its own a little soft, I added some thick slices of cucumber and a few salad leaves to add some much needed crunch.

I am now converted to the delights of avocado. I think using sourdough or rye bread as base also helps bring the dish together. I feel you need something a little denser and heartier to offset the softness of the topping, rather than a soft fluffy white. It also means you can hold a single slice without it falling to pieces. This is now one of my favourite sandwiches. Even if you don’t like avocado, I urge you to try this, you may be pleasantly surprised at what a difference a few little additions can make. I know I was.

Avocado Open Sandwich
1 slice sourdough bread
½ small avocado
2 tsp sweet chili sauce
Thick slices of cucumber
Baby spinach leaves
Baby beetroot leaves

Cut the avocado in half lengthways, twist apart and remove the stone.
Scoop the flesh away from the skin and place into a bowl. Mash with a fork until fairly smooth and then mix in the chili sauce.
Take a slice of sourdough or rye bread and top with slices of cucumber.
Dollop over the mashed avocado and spread out evenly.
Top with some roughly chopped coriander and serve with some baby salad leaves, ready to pile on top before eating. (Mine were home grown).

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Anonymous said...

Looks lovely and fresh. We eat a lot of avo here in SA - I've been eating it in wraps recently - also very nice :)