Monday 5 March 2007

They’re Waffley-Versatile

Last week I bought a Belgian waffle maker, something I have had my eye on for many months. This one was in a closing down sale and so naturally I couldn’t resist it. I brought it home with excitement and being my over-confidant self I didn’t bother reading the recipe provided, feeling sure I could easily make up a suitable batter. Once I found out the basis of how it worked, I made up a batter mixture, including a mashed banana, (perhaps a little over adventurous for a first attempt), but I was sure it would work. I heated the machine up, poured in my batter and shut the lid. It started to sizzle and give off the most gorgeous banana smell. I licked my lips in anticipation and opened the lid. I was greeted with a sticky gooey mess. The outside of the batter had browned and stuck like glue to both metal plates and the middle was still uncooked. I tried to pries the batter off the pates but it stuck fast and set like glue. I ended up having to pour hot water over the plates and leaving it to soak before I could pries the batter off. Hmmm, lesson learned, I should have read the recipe.

I tried again the following morning, this time using the recipe provided in the instructions booklet to great success! The process involved separating an egg and beating the egg white to soft peak stage before stirring it in (I wouldn’t have thought of doing that.) The waffles were wonderfully light, crispy on the outside and soft in the centre. They didn’t stick to the plates or tear in half. I felt a great sense of achievement after my original disaster and happily tucked into the waffles. I chose to play it safe and make vanilla ones this time but the huge variety of toppings you could add to them is endless. I think I will try adding a few chocolate chips to the batter next time. Whatever your chosen flavour, they’re certainly waffley-versatile!

1 egg
60g self raising flour
55g butter/margarine
50g caster sugar
½ tsp vanilla

Set the waffle maker to heat up while you make the batter.
Melt the butter and then stir in the sugar. Separate the egg and beat the egg yolk and vanilla into the butter/sugar mixture.
Whip the egg white until fluffy and starting to form soft peaks.
Gently fold the flour into the butter mixture before folding in the egg white.
Carefully pour some of the batter in the waffle maker, allowing room for spreading.
Close the lid and leave to cook until golden brown.
Remove from the waffle machine straight away and serve with the topping of your choice.

Makes 4 waffles

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Anonymous said...

They sound yummy.
Well done for not giving up at the first hurdle!
You have made me want to buy a waffle machine now.