Wednesday 29 August 2012

Stanage Edge – Peak District

Over last weekends bank holiday my parents came up for a visit and we decided to go and explore a bit of the Peak District. I hadn’t been back to it since leaving uni, but I loved my weekends wandering the countryside so much, that I was eager to return.

We went to Stanage Edge, which to me has some of the scenic and breathtaking rock formations in the peaks. Huge boulders and chunks of rock scattered all the way along a huge stretch of the peaks, overhanging the edge of the cliffs. The photos don’t do it justice.

Once we’d clambered up to the top, the views and surroundings were just as good as I remembered. The dark jagged rocks are just so striking and the sense of openness and space is just wonderful. You can look around and not see anyone else for miles, except of course for the odd obligatory sheep.

It was rather a stormy day and while we were up there we kept hearing thunder rumbling in the distance and when we started seeing the lightening heading towards us we decided it was time to scurry back down to the car. We only just made it to. Looking back we could actually see the rain approaching, which made it all the more thrilling!

I’m hoping to find a group or a willing friend to come fell walking with me, as I can’t resist the lure of going and exploring some more!


Unknown said...

The scenery looks so pretty. I like the purple flowers in the last picture. Purple flowers are my favorite :)

The Caked Crusader said...

I love that sort of scenery - how lucky to have it close by!