Tuesday 15 May 2007

Dash, Pinch and Smidgen

Have you ever been reading a recipe when it calls for a ‘pinch of chili powder’ or a ‘dash of paprika’ and you are left thinking ‘well how much is that?’
Well, thanks to these incredibility cute, mini measuring spoons your worries are over. The spoons are used to measure a dash, pinch or smidgen and unlike some measuring spoons, are guaranteed to fit inside the narrow necked spice jars. They really are teeny tiny, the spoon next to them in the second picture is a teaspoon!


ChrisB said...

Hi I came via Barbara and I just love those measures- please can you tell me where you bought them. Thanks

Katie said...

Hi Chris

I was actually given the spoons as a present so I don’t know which shop they were bought from. However, the name on the label says ‘Eddingtons’ and I have found their website [http://www.eddingtons.co.uk/] and so I am sure you could probably buy them from there. They are called ‘Smidgen Set.’
Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

He he how cool are these! I wonder how they scientifically worked out the volume of a 'dash' tho!