Tuesday 3 April 2007

Super Smoothie

I had quite a few tired looking strawberries that I had bought at reduced price and a squashy mango lurking in my fridge and so I decided to make a scrummy, natural, fresh smoothie. It couldn’t be simpler, just blitz and drink.

The strawberries produced a wonderfully vibrant shade of deep red and a great flavour despite being out of season. The mango added natural sweetness and made the whole thing deliciously thick and smooth, almost creamy. I didn’t bother to sieve the seeds out of the strawberries as the smoothie was thick enough to keep them evenly distributed and I didn’t even notice them when I drank it. The flavour and texture of this smoothie was gorgeous and a perfect way to brighten up the tired looking fruit.

Strawberry and Mango Smoothie
450g strawberries
1 mango

Core the strawberries. Peel the mango and cut the flesh away from the stone.
Place into a container and blitz with a hand blender or in a liquidizer until thick and smooth.
Drink and enjoy.
Makes 650ml of smoothie


Anonymous said...

Wow the colour of that smoothie is fab - looks so divine. I can imagine how tasty it was :)

Anonymous said...

How nice to find a smoothie without bananas. Super colour too!